Why Vitafol®-Ultra ?

Ultra Complete: Vitafol®-Ultra has 16 essential nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy.

Ultra Small: One of the smallest all-in-one prenatal vitamins.

Ultra Tolerable: Vitafol®-Ultra is easy on your body. Vitafol®-Ultra contains Polysaccharide iron, which makes the iron more readily absorbed, while minimizing the risk of gastric irritation. It also contains 200 mg plant based DHA with no fish oil, say goodbye to fishy burps.

Ultra Folate: Vitafol®-Ultra contains 1 mg of folate in which 0.6 mg of the folate is provided as Metafolin®. Metafolin® contains the form of folate naturally present in the body1. Metafolin® contains L-methylfolate, the biologically active form of folate in the body, so, no folate conversion is needed1

Some studies have shown that L-methylfolate (contained in Metafolin®) increases red blood cell folate levels more effectively than folic acid and is also more bioavailable.*,2,3

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